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Investing in the stock market gives potential for great returns. Warren Buffett is undoubtedly the world's best stock-market investor and, perhaps, the only person in the top 10 richest in the world who derived his wealth solely from stock-market investing. If you invested $1,000.00 with Warren Buffett 53 years ago in 1956 (The equivalent of only about $7,760 in 2008), such would be worth an estimated $30 million at present. That's the wealth-generating power of investing in the stock market. In the early part of his investing career, Warren Buffett's return almost reached 30 percent compounded per annum. You might say, "Well that was Warren Buffett and it is only applicable to him. Besides, he lives in the US and I don't think that will apply in third-world countries." You are absolutely wrong. The same principles apply in any stock market. I have made a personal study of the Philippine stock market and my findings reveal that if you invested over a span of 10 years from 1997 to 2007, your annual return would be similar to Buffett's, ranging from 25 percent to near 30 percent compounded annually. With this rate of return, a P100,000 would become a million pesos at the end of 10 years. Even if you did not invest directly in stocks but, instead, entrusted your money to a fund manager via pooled funds the past 10 years, your money would have grown at compounded annual growth rate of about 10 percent per annum on average. Investing in stocks certainly offers the potential for greater returns. To Your Success.