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6 months ago Will wrote:

Well done how do you get all those referrals ? fantastic result can you share?

9 months ago Felix wrote:

Hi there, if i wanna withdraw my 500$ in a day, what should i do to increase my bonus points? Thank u very much

8 months ago Angelo commented: contact me on messenger and I'll help you

10 months ago Ciro wrote:

Ciao ci possiamo scrivere su facebook ho alcuni piccolo dubbi che vorrei tolgliermi una volta e per tutte dato che tu ci sei dentro da parecchio tempo mi saprai rispondere. Su facebook mi chiamo ciro perrino

9 months ago Angelo commented:

provo a cercarti su facebook, questo cmq � il mio gruppo

11 months ago Daniel wrote:

did you get paid yet?

11 months ago Angelo commented:

Yes, always! ;) I use it too: They always pay too you just have to know how to handle them