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7 days ago Dave ruben andy wrote:

Hi, can someone help me on how to increase bonus points? I have noticed to some members, they can withdraw weekly. Teach me please on how to do that and what is the strategy. Thanks in advance!

11 days ago Lakshith wrote:

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1 month ago Sandy wrote:

How do you get all this money? I have been trying to see my shares for 4 days now but they are still there :/

1 month ago Abram wrote:

Hello, Saasa
Connect with me on Facebook
My name is Abram arnst kimo

اشطا يا مان

حاطط صورتي وانا بالعضلات

1 month ago Samuel replies:

Hello Abram,


Nice to connet bro!


Kindly let me know if you need any help with your investments ;)