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Brai flow records

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virtual stock market

In finance, an investment strategy is a set of rules, behaviors or procedures, designed to guide an investor’s selection of an investment portfolio.
Individuals have different profit objectives, and their individual skills make different tactics and strategies appropriate.
Some choices involve a tradeoff between risk and return.
Most investors fall somewhere in between, accepting some risk for the expectation of higher returns.
No strategy: Investors who don’t have a strategy have been called Sheep.
Arbitrary choices modeled on throwing darts at a page (referencing earlier decades when stock prices were listed daily in the newspapers) have been called Blind Folded Monkeys Throwing Darts.
This famous test had debatable outcomes.
Value vs Growth: Value investing strategy looks at the intrinsic value of a company and value investors seek stocks of companies that they believed are undervalued. Growth investment strategy looks at the growth potential of a company and when a company that has expected earning growth that is higher than companies in the same industry or the market as a whole, it will attract the growth investors who are seeking to maximize their capital gain.
Virtual stock market is
Trade stocks in Real-time using your virtual portfolio
Talk strategies with others in the discussion groups for your game
Create a customized public or private game for others to play
Choose a custom list of symbols to trade in your game

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Dulguun Bilegt

by Dulguun Bilegt


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virtual stock market’ . And the work of the stock exchange on two types, one is specialized in trading land blocks such as cotton, grains, sugar, metals and others and the other specializes in the purchase and sale of financial banks such as shares of banks and government bonds, financial and railway shares and the like.

In order to inform the reader what the meaning of these shares and how to exist in a formal way to become valid to deal with it, we provide an example of how to establish banks with shares and the statement:

If a person intends to establish a bank and is unable to provide capital from his own pure pocket, he invites a group of funders to participate with him in this work and he shall form

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Musa Msibi

by Musa Msibi


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Sixto Perez lives with his parents and five siblings in a trailer park in La Puente, Calif. Last year , when his father was away from the family working as a migrant farm laborer, Sixto, 12, did odd jobs after school, earning money to buy shoes for his brother and himself.
One last fall , Sixto was sweeping outside the mini-mart where he worked. A man rode up on a bicycle, flashed a wad of bills and offered him $100 to sell drugs at his school , Los Robles Elementary.
Sixto knew all about drugs from a school program called S A N E(Substance Abus Narticotics Education ), run by sheriff’s deputies.Though scared,Sixto told the man ,’I only make twenty dollars a week , but I do it honestly .’Then he ran inside to the store owener,who chased the drug dealer away .
This summer Sixto was honored for his integrity.The sixth-grader,who is bright but has dyslexia,received a $ 500 savings bond from the Banks of California. His mother , Efigenia Perez , looked on with approval.
’That man told my son he was crasy to work for so little money ’ she said.’But I’d rather have him honest.’
Denis Hamilton in Los Angeles Time (Reader’s Digest nov 1992) virtual stock market.


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Arvind Mishra

by Arvind Mishra


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meknés, Morocco

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