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Brai flow records

Brai flow records

Producer Phill Mugabi International Mobile Audio Recording and music production

Phillip Mugabi



ROI: 1256%

$17.05 per share

Fees gh comedy

Fees gh comedy

Achieving the interest in people through comedy

Eric Kofi

Eric Kofi


ROI: 137%

$9.62 per share

Mombasa college

Mombasa college

Locally and internationally recognized college operating since 1953

Head Director



ROI: 1880%

$24.47 per share

stock market investing

Stock market investing alludes to the gathering of business sectors and trades where the issuing and exchanging of values (supplies of freely held organizations), securities and different sorts of securities happens, either through formal trades or over-the-counter markets. Otherwise called the value showcase, the share trading system is a standout amongst the most parts of a free-advertise economy, as it furnishes organizations with access to capital in return for giving investors a cut of proprietorship.

Money markets can be part into two principal segments: the essential market and the optional market. The essential market is the place new issues are first sold through starting open offerings (IPOs). Institutional financial normally buy the vast majority of these offers from venture banks; the value of the organization ’opening up to the world’ and the measure of offers being issued decide the opening stock cost of the IPO. All consequent exchanging goes ahead in the auxiliary market, where members incorporate both institutional and individual financial specialists. (An organization utilizes cash raised from its IPO to develop, however, once its stock begins exchanging, it doesn’t get reserves from the purchasing and offering of its offers).


When Supporting entertainment becomes fun

Aaron Lawrence

by Aaron Lawrence


$33.00 per share

Geemark music entertainment

we are geemark musical entertainment we make Hip-hip Rap and culture music

Asemota Mark eghosa

by Asemota Mark eghosa


$26.40 per share

Always deal with the registered with SEBI / stock exchanges.
Collect photocopies of all documents executed for registration as a client, immediately on its execution. Ensure that the documents or forms for registration as Client, are fully filled in.
Give clear and unambiguous instructions to your broker / agent / depository participant.
Always insist on contract notes from your broker. In case of doubt in respect of the transactions, verify the genuineness of the same on the BSE website.
Always settle the dues through the normal banking channels with the market intermediaries.
Before placing an order with the market intermediaries, please check about the credentials of the companies, its management, fundamentals and recent announcements made by them and various other disclosures made under various regulations. The sources of information are the websites of Exchanges and companies, databases of data vendor, business magazines etc.
Adopt trading / investment strategies commensurate with your risk-bearing capacity as all investments carry some risk, the degree of which varies according to the investment strategy adopted.
Carry out due diligence before registering as client with any intermediary. Carefully read and understand the contents stated in the Risk Disclosure Document, which forms part of the investor registration requirement for dealing through brokers.stock market investing.

Olde london pub

Invest in one of the prettiest pubs in London

Elise Livingston

by Elise Livingston


$55.00 per share

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