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Swiss watches family business

Swiss watches

Custom watch production studio located in Basel, Switzerland. We produce single

Dieter Lutz



ROI: 168%

$5.30 per share

Trust and fast company limited

Trust and fast

The best online shopping website in myanmar

Min myat Min

Min myat


ROI: 1085%

$14.58 per share

Java game development framework

Java game

Developing a cross-platform Java game framework based on OpenGL for Windows

Shinichi Uchide



ROI: 547%

$8.39 per share

one share

One share, is a standard found in corporate governance, which suggests that each person who invests money in a company has one vote per share of the company they own, equally with other shareholders. Often, shares with one share each are referred to as common stock. Most systems of corporate laws discourage shares without votes unless they have preferential dividends or liquidation rights, and shares with multiple voting rights are discouraged altogether so as to prevent the concentration of power.
Historically, more corporations followed the rule of one person, one vote, so that the corporate power of wealthy investors was capped. This practice declined over the late 19th century. During the 1920s and 1930s, the practice of multiple voting shares, and voteless shares, without any preferential rights became widespread, resulting in the disenfranchisement of many ordinary investors. This was halted by stock exchange regulation and corporate law amendments in most countries.

Lucky paw (save the street dogs)

If you afraid, dont do anything if you do, dont be afraid

Dulguun Bilegt

by Dulguun Bilegt


$15.57 per share

Finicial news-- one share
to earn finicialy is a major need of every individual, and it is made easy and possible to do so on the internet, invest less and get more in return.
But before you can become a real earner on the internet, you need to be wise, as to know when to do the do and don’t.
It is a trade, we all know all trading involves risk, so to earn massively, what you must do is is know your trading techniques.
Trading techniques are system, users apply to their trading in other to acquire more profit and less loss.

Farm fresh vegetables supplies

We promote a healthy living Eat Healthy Live Healthy

Musa Msibi

by Musa Msibi


$11.50 per share

It all depends on your field of expertise. We’ll have a look at your product request and previous performance. If there’s a good match, we’ll ship the product to you for FREE. Alternatively, you can buy the item with a massive discount first. After the review is online and it performs well, we’ll be more than to reimburse you the full amount. As long as we’re both with the program, we’ll email you with news on our very latest products in your chosen area to see if you’d be happy to receive it for review one share cash fantastic Pro Program.


We are Startup company in North India for designing and Digital services

Arvind Mishra

by Arvind Mishra


$22.00 per share

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