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Brai flow records

Brai flow records

Producer Phill Mugabi International Mobile Audio Recording and music production

Phillip Mugabi



ROI: 131%

$11.44 per share

Negro cassava farm

Negro cassava farm

Let us drive hunger away from our community through youth empowerment

Olanipekun Adewale



ROI: 1684%

$29.92 per share

how do i

Trading binary options is a type of online trading where a trader expects a rise or fall in the value of an asset - such as a commodity, stock, currency pair or index - within a specified time frame. This type of trade allows the trader to speculate in the movement of the market and make the investment on it.
Also known as the digital options trading, this trading system is different from Forex (Forex) and has a very easy trading where either the trader wins everything or loses everything, and that’s why he is known as ’Cash or Nothing’ Or ’Asset or Nothing’.
How do i do trade options
The client is very simple; the trader chooses the asset and expects his result by placing the investment either on the sale or call. When the trader selects the call option, he anticipates a rally in the value of the asset. Similarly, by selecting the put option, he expects a downward movement in it at the end of trading compared to the trading time. For each trading session a fixed and fixed end time is determined by the trader from the beginning of trading.
If the original moves in your calculated direction, at the end of the expiration time, you win and if the original fails to meet your prediction, then the trading ends on a loss. The third result is when the original does not move from its original position and the trading ends on ’no result’ and the trading is canceled.
If trading on the parent movement ends in the opposite direction or opposite to the predicted direction, this is called ’Expiring out of the money’. If trading on the parent movement ends in the same direction as forecasting it is called Expiring in the money).
Successful trading (when the ’money is finished’) will be between 65% and 81% on the investment, depending on the type of product selected

Made with love by opal bell

half the investments i am donating and half i will use to get items

Opal Bell

by Opal Bell


$24.20 per share

Tennis club

Send your child to our hands and we promise you he will be new tennis player

Rudolf Dulik

by Rudolf Dulik


$30.80 per share

Asset management mean how do i to optional sense to any system that monitors and maintains valuable property owned by an entity or group. This definition may apply to physical assets such as buildings and apply to intangible concepts such as intellectual property and business work. it’s a systematic process of asset oparation, maintenance, promotion and cost-effective management (American Association of Highways and Transport Officials). Alternative views of the engineering environment is the application to achieve the good return (particularly useful in the case of productive assets such as machinery and equipment) . and that mean how I can to mangement my money.

First dao

First Decentralized Autonomous Organization

First Dao

by First Dao


$16.50 per share

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