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Java game development framework

Java game

Developing a cross-platform Java game framework based on OpenGL for Windows

Shinichi Uchide



ROI: 551%

$8.21 per share

Swiss watches family business

Swiss watches

Custom watch production studio located in Basel, Switzerland. We produce single

Dieter Lutz



ROI: 169%

$5.21 per share

3d bathroom tiles design

3d bathroom tiles

Dealing in the best design for bathroom and toilets in penthouse and flats

Oseni Damilare



ROI: 1364%

$17.24 per share

grain market reports

grain market reports
A 78m t y/y drop in total grains production is
forecast in 2017/18, including maize down by
With grains consumption edging higher, world
stocks may contract for the first time in five
years, including in the USA and China.
Record grains trade is expected, led by larger
maize shipments. Total grains exports from the
Black Sea region could be a new high.
Soyabeans trade in 2017/18 is seen rising by 6m t
y/y, to a fresh peak, with both Brazil and the USA
potentially exporting at least 60m.
World rice inventories in 2017/18 are likely to fall,
including tighter stocks in the major exporters,
forecast to contract by 11%, to a decade low.

Lucky paw (save the street dogs)

If you afraid, dont do anything if you do, dont be afraid

Dulguun Bilegt

by Dulguun Bilegt


$15.57 per share

Despite predictions of a bumper harvest there are significant differences across the various production regions. This can be clearly seen in relation to European production where it essentially is a harvest of 2 halves. The main producing countries within the EU of France, Germany, Poland and the UK (to a lesser extent) have reduced harvests on last season while within the greater European area of Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Spain all have had very good harvests. French grain production is forecast to be down by at least 30% on last season but more importantly the quality of the malting barley and milling wheat have bombed out. The reduction in grain market reports production in countries closer to Ireland combined with the quality issue of imported grain has significantly reduced harvest pressure on local prices.

Farm fresh vegetables supplies

We promote a healthy living Eat Healthy Live Healthy

Musa Msibi

by Musa Msibi


$11.50 per share


We are Startup company in North India for designing and Digital services

Arvind Mishra

by Arvind Mishra


$22.00 per share

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