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global market indices

Global market indices stock indices are indicators used by investors to analyze, compare, and evaluate the trend of a market or a sector of activity,
The course of the main indices is the result of weighted by the capitalization floating (number of titles likely to be exchanged on the Stock Exchange x the value of the title) of each of the component values each index and not only the price of the shares.
The global market indicesis defined by three characteristics:
the reference date and the indexing: date of creation and the base of the index
the sample: set of representative values of a market or a sector
the methodology of calculation: weight of securities within the index

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Dulguun Bilegt

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global market indices

An index has three main purposes:
- shows the performance of a basket of equities instead of just a single equity - IE an index is diversified.
- can show the performance of a particular class of assets - for example, a biotechnology index would show the performance of a diverse group of biotech companies over time.
- can also be used to provide a generic securities category for passive management and derivatives (passive investing).
Each index is calculated using its own methodology, and its value is expressed in terms of a change from an original base value. So the numerical value of an index is not as significant as the percent change in the index.

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Musa Msibi

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Now I will tell you about global market indices.
The essence of the index is the following: for a particular attribute, you select the companies included in the index and on the basis of defined calculation displays a value. The value or the value of the index does not give absolutely any information. The use of indexes is to change its values, which is taken either in percentage or in points. Using indexes to measure various parameters of the market. There are sectoral indices which include only companies within one industry, for example, the financial sector, engineering, energy, etc. There are indexes that include only the largest companies.
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